Successful Authors on Word Counts

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Nail Your Novel

Dave writing This question appeared in my inbox from Adam Nicholls after I reported on Facebook that I’d managed 4,000 words of The Mountains Novel in one day. Adam DMd me, in not a little anguish:

How many words do you write per day? And do you have to force yourself to do it? I love writing, but it’s work.

There are two significant points in this question:

  • output; books growing steadily at a satisfactory rate
  • difficulty.

How many words per day?

I asked this question of a group I’m a member of, The League of Extraordinary Authors. Romance author Melissa Foster says she has no difficulty getting 7,000 to 10,000 words written in a day and that she adores the blank page. No issues with output there. (But there’s more to writing a good novel than stacking up the wordcount, as she points out in the comments below.)

Romance author

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The Global Brain – Peter Russell

Awesome video by pysicist Peter Russell ,concerning the next level of human evolution , in the form of human consciousness .
The global mind is a more accurate title for this video ,simply because unlike what materialism wants you to believe , consciousness is neither in the brain nor is it the brain or the product of brain activity ….

SCIENCE SET FREE – Rupert Sheldrake

Science has been materialist since the 19th century at least ,in the sense that science has been equated and dominated by the materialist false conception of nature .
So, most people and scientists have been taking materialism for granted as science , for so long now , without question .
In short :
The ‘scientific world view ” has been equated with the materialist false conception of nature .